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Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide information on how SIA “LANDE Platform” (hereinafter – the Company) collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the Customer’s personal data, thus ensuring that the customer’s personal data is processed lawfully, in good faith and in a transparent manner for the customer. Politics applicable to any information held by the Company and relating to an identified or identifiable physical person, any data processing of a natural person and the service provided by the Company.

In this privacy policy a general description of how the Company processes and protects personal data is provided. More detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data is described in the contracts and in the section of the Company’s website “Procedure for the protection of personal data”. The Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as relevant national legislation.

Personal data manager:

  1. The controller of personal data processing is SIA “LANDE Platform”, registration No. 40203386735, legal address: Bukultu street 11, Riga, LV-1013;
  2. The company’s contact information in matters related to the processing of personal data is e-mail: and phone: +371 67788299.

Purposes and legal basis of personal data processing

The company processes personal data in order to:

  • For personal identification;
  • For the provision of services (preparation and conclusion of the contract, customer service, fulfillment of contractual obligations provision, settlement administration, website maintenance and performance improvement);
  • For the company to fulfill its obligations set out in regulatory acts, including the detection of criminal offenses and for prevention;
  • To ensure and improve the quality of services (to identify the Company’s clientele, including informing customers about news, perform customer satisfaction measurements);
  • To promote and distribute the Service;
  • For business planning and analytics.

Legal bases for the processing of public personal data:

  • For the establishment and performance of contractual relations;
  • For the fulfillment of a legal obligation;
  • For the protection of the legitimate interest of the public or a third party;
  • With the Data Subject’s consent.

Protection of personal data

The company processes personal data in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts, using the possibilities of modern technology, taking into account the existing privacy risks and those reasonably available to the Society organizational, financial and technical resources.

The Company only processes the personal data of the data subject to achieve a legal and predetermined goal related to the services provided by the Company.

In the processing of personal data, the principle of proportionality is observed, which provides that the Company has the right to process only the data and to the extent necessary to achieve a certain goal.

The company is entitled to transfer the necessary personal data to its cooperation partners, based on an agreement concluded between the parties. If cooperation partners process personal data held by the Company, the relevant cooperation partner is considered data processing operator (processor). According to the agreement concluded between the parties, the cooperation partners of the Company (as a personal data processor) ensures the fulfillment of personal data processing and protection requirements in accordance with to the requirements of society and laws, and does not use personal data for purposes other than those of the concluded contract and to fulfill the requirements of regulatory acts.

The company will not transfer personal data to third countries (non-European countries Member States of the Union or the European Economic Area).

Using the home page and cookies

Using website visitors can transfer their personal data to the Company. Society acquires data set every time a person enters the Company’s website. Data is stored in server log files. Homepage the following data may be obtained:

  • Browser type and version;
  • Operating system type;
  • The website that leads to our website (so-called referrers);
  • Sub-websites;
  • Place and time of website access;
  • Internet protocol address (IP address);
  • Internet service provider (provider);
  • Other similar information and data that may have been used in the event of cyber-attacks.

The Company may also obtain and process information related to the data owner’s communication with the Company. It is communication data that includes the content of the communication and the metadata associated with it. Homepage generates metadata related to communication through contact forms. Communication data can be processed in order to continue to provide the Company’s services, to maintain the security of websites and services, to maintain Making backup copies of the company’s databases and/or communicating with the data owner. Legal permission for such data processing requires the consent of the data owner to the Company’s privacy policy, terms of use. Using general personal data and information, the Company does not draw any conclusions about the data subject. The information obtained is used to:

  • Correct display of website content;
  • Optimize the content and/or advertising on the website;
  • Ensure the long-term viability of our information technology systems and website;
  • Provide law enforcement authorities with the legally permitted and necessary information.

The company analyzes the collected data and information anonymously for analytical purposes. The purpose of society is to increase data protection and ensure the maximum level of personal data protection in the data processing process. Anonymous server the data is stored separately from the personal data submitted by the data owner. The public can use these technologies to collect information about the subscriber’s communication with e-mails sent by the Company, e.g. to find out whether the letters are opened, whether the hyperlinks in the letter are opened, etc. This information may be obtained from all news subscribers. The company does not rent, sell or exchange the results obtained from the use of the website personal data to third parties. Exceptional cases in which personal data may be transferred to a third party are situations where when information must be disclosed in accordance with legislative requirements.

Cookies and tracking technologies

Many websites use cookies or Cookies, and many cookies contain the so-called cookie identifier. A cookie identifier is a unique identification number for a cookie. It consists from a string of characters through which websites and servers identify browser users. That allows you to distinguish previously visited websites and servers and to recognize a specific data subject from other websites users. The company uses Google Analytics, a service offered by Google Company. Thanks to cookies for use, the Company can provide users with a user-friendly environment and other services that would not be available available without the use of cookies. The information contained in the cookie contains data about the data subject’s use of the home page (as well as the IP address of the data subject). Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the website and transmits it reports to the Company. Thanks to cookies, it is possible to optimize the website, taking into account the wishes of the users. Home the page visitor who uses cookies does not need to enter the data every time, as they appear automatically. Cookies are stored on the user’s computer system.

The data owner can terminate access at any time for cookies on the Company’s website. To do this, you must perform the appropriate activities in your browser, thus by stopping access to cookies. In addition, already used cookies can be deleted at any time with the browser assistance or by using other software that allows you to administer the privacy policy. Practically all are popular browsers allow you to delete cookies by offering this option in the browser settings. If the Data Subject decides do not use the cookie function in your browser, the functions of the Company’s website may be limited. The company uses automatically obtained information and other data obtained with the help of cookies to:

  • Personalize our services, for example by remembering information entered by the user;
  • Provide individually tailored content and information;
  • Follow up and analyze the effectiveness of services and activities of third parties;
  • I would follow the visit statistics.

Rights of the data owner

According to the laws and regulations, the person has the right to request the Company access to your personal data, as well as request the Company to supplement, correct or delete them, or restriction of processing in relation to the Customer, or the right to object against processing, as well as the right to data portability. These rights can be exercised as long as data processing does not result from the Company’s obligations imposed on it with the current regulatory enactments, and which are carried out in the public interest. The company respects the data subject privacy rights and provides access to information collected by the Company from the data subject. The data subject can receive a detailed explanation of how this information is used and/or stored. If the data subject wishes access or change personal data or request deletion of personal data, or refuse communication with the Company the data subject can contact the Company by writing to e-mail: or by contacting by phone: +371 67788299.

Privacy policy changes

The company has the right to change this privacy policy by publishing the updated one on the website version. The data subject is advised to check this page from time to time to ensure that the privacy in force the policy meets the wishes of the data subject.


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